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We never use a one-size-fits-all approach to your dental plan - everyone is different! We take time to explain all your options and outcomes, so you can decide which treatment suits you best.


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Dr Darren actively participates in Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Keeping knowledge up to date ensures we enhance and maintain the skills we need to deliver a professional service to the community in the ever changing field of dentistry.

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Oral exams  and cleans should be performed every six months, so any issues with your teeth and soft tissue are detected early. We can provide oral hygiene advice and tips for the entire family. It is a good idea for children aged two and up to familiarise with the dental setting and come for a check-up Рwe can make it a fun experience!


Whether you need an amalgam-free filling, root canal treatment or an extraction, we are here to help. If you have missing or weakened teeth, we also offer crowns and bridges, so you can confidently smile and chew again. We offer nitrous-oxide (laughing gas) to help minimise your stress during treatment if you are an anxious patient.

Mouth Guards, Dentures
And Splints

Custom made mouth guards offer a much more effective protection than over the counter variations – and we can personalise your mouth guard to reflect your personality! If you have jaw pain and grind at night, a splint can help protect your teeth from wear and breakage. If you are missing teeth, a denture is a good option to restore your facial appearance and your chewing function.


Dr Darren has completed his training in injectables at the Australasian Academy of Dental-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA). Cosmetic injectables can help If your goal is a fresher, healthier appearance and Dr Darren aims for a natural look that enhances your features. The same product, can also be used to help treat jaw pain due to clenching and grinding. Contact us for your free consult or enquire about our price per unit.

Dental Implant Placement
Surgery and Restoration

Are you missing teeth, but you would like a more permanent solution than a denture or a bridge? Dr Darren has completed a post-graduate diploma in Implantology and can place and restore dental implants without the need to travel elsewhere or have general anaesthetic. Book your consult with us to check if you are eligible.

WhiteningAnd Veneers

If you wish to enhance your smile, whitening or veneers could be the option for you. We can discuss your goals and expectations and help you make an informed decision. Book a professional consult with us.

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